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About Us

Bubbasnug was founded in 2024 joining forces with Babysafe Northern beaches.

A family run business started on Sydney’s northern beaches. Founder and Managing director of bubba snug Jonathan Indra has been involved in the child car seat industry since 2012. Co-owing Babysafe since 2016 Jonathan brings a wealth of experience having installed thousands of child car seats for families. Since 2020 Bubba Snug (babysafe northern beaches) have made it their focus to help the community and keep as many children travelling in cars as safe as possible.

As parents to ourselves, we understand how precious our little passengers are; that’s why we go above and beyond when it comes to educating and training our team, as well as instilling strict safety protocols every step of the way. We are an extremely family-oriented business and take your children’s safety very seriously as if they are our own – at Bubba Snug we simply don’t allow room for mistakes.

What sets us apart is the expert advice and knowledge our team possesses and is so passionate about sharing. No question is too silly to us; it’s our priority to ensure you are leaving Bubba Snug with a comprehensive understanding of how to keep your child safe in the car when we’re not around! This means feeling comfortable with how to adjust your child’s car seat as well as being confident in how to regularly check and ensure the seat is always the safest it can be for your little one! Educating and offering parents the right advice to keep their children safe on the road is what ultimately drives us and keeps us so passionate about what we do!

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