What We Do

What We Do

Child Seat Services

Bubba Snug is your one-stop shop for all your child car seat services, from child seat fittings and rotations to pram and car seat cleaning and safety inspections; we do it all! With a highly trained team of professionals that you can trust at your service!

Installation and Fitting Header

Child Seat Fittings

Our staff are highly trained in fitting and adjusting all types and brands of child restraint systems securely and with ease. Take peace of mind in knowing your child’s restraint has been fitted adequately by an expert when you are traveling with your child. 


The RMS strongly recommends having your car seats checked by an authorised fitting specialist if you are self-installing. We offer safety checks to give you peace of mind that your car is the safest it can be. If your car seat is installed correctly, we can provide an RMS inspection certificate for you.

Car Seat Inspection Header
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Child Seat Restraint Rotation

Bubbasnug can help you with your child seat rotation when your child is ready. Staying rearward facing as long as possible is always the safest option, but there will be a time when you need to rotate your convertible car seat to the forward facing mode. Bubbasnug can guide you through this decision and make the change when the time comes.

Pram & Car Seat Cleaning

Prams & car seats can become very messy, full of germs & bacteria. We provide a full cleaning service to have your products looking new again. Your health is always our focus, which is why we only use organic, non-toxic, natural, eco-friendly, biodegradable and neutral PH cleaning agents along with high pressured steam to kill 99.9% of germs & bacteria giving it a good deep clean to sanitise & restore.


Save money with our car seat installations subscription service

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