Sydney’s Premier Child Car Seat & Pram Cleaning

We provide a full cleaning service to have your products looking new again. You can trust that we will give your product a good deep clean to sanitise & restore, ensuring it’s as safe and hygienic as it can be for your baby to be travelling in!


Why Professional Cleaning?

Prams & car seats can become very messy, and full of germs & bacteria. Cleaning your car seat yourself can be tricky and if you want to give it a good clean you’ll have to take your seat out and re-install it which can be pretty time-consuming. Leave it to the professionals at BubbaSnug to have your car seat dismantled, intensively cleaned until it’s spick and span, and then re-assembled just like that!


Our Cleaning Process

Your health is always our focus, which is why we only use organic, non-toxic, natural, eco-friendly, biodegradable and neutral PH cleaning agents along with high-pressured steam to kill 99.9% of germs & bacteria, giving it a good deep clean to sanitise & restore. Experience the convenience of our service with a swift 5-day turnaround from drop-off to the completion of the cleaning process. Your health is our priority—trust Bubbasnug for a spotless and sanitized ride for your child.

Installation and Fitting Header

Child car seat installations

BubbaSnug fitters are all RMS certified and highly trained in fitting, inspecting and adjusting all tyres and brands of child car seats. Take peace of mind in knowing your child’s car seat has been fitted by an expert.

Car Seat Inspection Header

Child car seat inspections

As nearly 80% of child car seats are used incorrectly BubbaSnug strongly recommends if you have self-installed your car seat, have it inspected to ensure it is correct. We offer inspections and safety checks and will provide you with an RMS certificate of installations. 

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Child car seat rotation

BubbaSnug can help you when it comes time to rotate your car seat from rearward facing to forward facing. We will help educate and guide you on the correct & safest option for your child.


Pram & Car Seat Cleaning

Prams & car seats can become very messy, full of germs & bacteria. We provide a full cleaning service to have your products looking new again. Your health is always our focus, which is why we only use organic, non-toxic, natural, eco-friendly, biodegradable and neutral PH cleaning agents along with high pressured steam to kill 99.9% of germs & bacteria giving it a good deep clean to sanitise & restore.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Should You Get Your Baby Car Seat Washed?

A baby’s car seat can quickly accumulate spills, dirt, and unseen germs. For the optimum health and safety of your little one, we recommend a professional clean every 3-4 months or whenever a major spill occurs. Regular checks and light cleaning at home, complemented by our deep baby car seat cleaning services, ensure your child is always travelling clean.

How Often Should You Get Your Pram Washed?

A pram is constantly exposed to the elements. Whether it’s food spills, dust from parks, or simply daily wear and tear, it requires regular attention. We suggest availing our pram cleaning services at least once every 4-5 months or more often if used daily on outdoor adventures.

The BubbaSnug Difference

Since 2012, our founder, Jonathan Indra, has been immersed in the child car seat industry. We’ve seen thousands of car seats and prams, each with a story. Our family-run business is more than just a service; it’s a commitment to the families of Northern Beaches and North Shore.

  • RMS-certified, highly trained professionals
  • Tailored advice, ensuring you leave with a comprehensive understanding
  • Pioneers of car seat installation subscription packages

Every question is a priority; your trust is our most valued asset. With BubbaSnug, you’re getting a service and joining a community dedicated to child safety.

Your Child’s Safety, Our Passion

We at BubbaSnug know that questions about your child’s safety are never too small. Our team, driven by passion and expertise, ensures you leave confidently to adjust and check your child’s car seat or pram.

Ready to Embark on a Cleaner Journey?

Cleaner travels mean healthier bubs. Secure a spot with BubbaSnug today and ensure your little one travels comfortably and safely. Dive into our services and experience the BubbaSnug difference. Your child deserves the best, and we’re here to deliver.

Book an appointment now and let us handle the fuss, making your adventures with BubbaSnug as a bug!

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Baby Car Seat Cleaning Northern Beaches

Every parent understands how vital it is to have a car seat that’s both safe and clean for their child. At BubbaSnug, nestled in the heart of Northern Beaches located in Brookvale and Mona Vale, we’ve dedicated ourselves to offering top-notch baby car seat cleaning services.

Our thorough cleaning regime ensures your child’s seat looks and feels as good as new. We utilise organic, non-toxic, eco-friendly agents combined with high-pressured steam, eliminating 99.9% of germs and bacteria.
With us, you’re not just getting a cleaning service but investing in your child’s health and safety.

Pram Cleaning Services in Northern Beaches

Every beach walk, park visit, and daily outing exposes your pram to the elements, resulting in wear and tear. That’s where BubbaSnug steps in with top-tier pram cleaning for the Northern Beaches community.

Our detailed pram cleaning services breathe life back into your pram, ensuring it sparkles like it’s fresh out of the box. Using organic cleaning solutions, we efficiently tackle stubborn dirt while preserving the integrity of your pram’s fabric. By entrusting your pram to us, you’re gifting yourself peace of mind, leaving one less chore on your to-do list.

Baby Capsule Cleaning in Northern Beaches

Our dedicated capsule cleaning is a must-have service for your family’s newest and tiniest additions. These baby capsules often serve as the inaugural transport for your little ones, and we take pride in ensuring they are absolutely spotless.

Our RMS-certified team is trained specifically in capsule cleaning services, treating every capsule with the care it deserves. Harnessing natural, eco-friendly products, we’re devoted to eliminating any allergens and bacteria that could be harmful. In essence, a freshly cleaned capsule by us ensures joyous and healthy rides for your bub around the beautiful Northern Beaches.

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