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A convertible car seat is a child seat that can change from rearward facing for infants and small toddlers to forward-facing for children. Convertibles combine the features for both rearward facing and forward-facing children. These restraints come with an inbuilt harness and top tether strap.


How Long Will My
Convertible Last?

Convertible’s accommodate babies from birth up to approximately 6 months or 36 months (depending on car seat) in rearward-facing mode. And they can then be converted to forward-facing for young children approximately 6 months (or when your child has reached to correct height markers) to 4 years old. Meaning your Convertible should last you a solid 4 years from birth.

Convertible Seat Compared To Baby Capsules

Convertible car seats are the easy choice longevity wise as they can last you approximately 3 more years than the capsule; thanks to their double in one rear-facing and forward facing attributes you can invest in a convertible seat knowing it’s going to be worth it in the long run. However, on the other hand the capsule offers new parents an easier transition, as you are able to move the capsule in and out of the car without distributing your little one, which can make all the difference when you’ve got an easily upsetable bub you don’t want to wake! The decision is totally up to you and your family and it comes down to researching and figuring out would work best for you.

Our Convertibles

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Capsules are for newborn babies, capsules are rear-facing car restraints that are designed with a convenient carry handle that allows you to move your baby from the car by carrying them with you while they are still strapped into their seat. Capsules are for babies up to approximately 6 months or 12 months. The restraint is held in place by the seat belt or isofix and the top tether strap. The seat faces rearward, and all have an inbuilt six-point harness system. Bubba snug offers Britax capsules and installation.

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Combine the features of rearward facing and forward-facing restraints in one child restraint. They accommodate babies from birth up to approximately a min 6 months or 12 months in rearward-facing mode. They can then be converted to forward facing for young children approximately 12 months to 4 years old. All have an inbuilt six-point harness system.


Forward Facing Car Seats

Forward facing car seats are designed for young children between the ages of approximately 6 months (must reach a min height requirement) up to 8 years of age. The restraint is held in place by the seat belt and the top tether strap. The seat faces forward and incorporates an inbuilt six-point harness system.

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Boosters are suitable for older children, approximately 4 to 10 years old. They are used with an adult lap-sash seatbelt. Booster seats with high backs and sides provide protection for children in side impact crashes as well as provide support when sleeping.

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At Bubba Snug, you can rest assured we carry all the required parts and hardware required to have your child’s car seat installed into the vehicle.

We also stock and sell a range of Car Seat Protector Mats to place under your car seat to shield your car’s interiors from damage over time, as well as 360 view mirrors to attach to your car seats to help you keep a safe eye on your little one while on the road.

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Britax Products

At Bubba Snug we choose to stock and sell the full range of Britax car seats. Working closely with Britax you can ensure we are your Britax specialists. If you’re unsure about choosing your seat we have options to best suit your needs.

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